Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh, those elusive Japanese glitters...

Prior to moving to Japan I'd heard/read people raving about "those awesome Japanese glitters!"  Ever since I arrived here about 15 months ago, I've been looking for them.  Even when I went to Tokyo for the Anime Fair I searched Roppongi, Shibuya, and Harajuku for them.  I couldn't find any glitter that I hadn't seen before or seen done better in the States!  Sure, Pa had some nice ones but for 300+ yen (roughly $4) for a tiny bottle it wasn't worth it!

Then I found these:

I'm such a sucker for square glitter and these two CanMake Jewel Glitter Nail polishes have fine glitter and small and medium square glitter!  690 yen (about $9).

Homei is the only brand that I have found in my area that has really interesting glitters.  From the left: the purple has fine purple glitter, iridescent and blue-iridescent hex glitter and purple star glitter in a clear base; the red is fine silver glitter chock full of pink and red medium hex glitter in a clear base; the center polish has iridescent fine glitter, iridescent hex glitter and pink and purple star glitters in a clear base; the silver-y one second from the right has super-fine silver glitter with multi-colored heart glitter in a clear base; and the polish on the right has large red and blue hearts in a clear base.  495 yen (roughly $7)  

Found at the 100 Yen Plaza (Daiso): WinWax New York Light Color Nail Enamel on the right and left--both contain multi-chrome blue-to-pink-to-gold sparkle and WinWax New York Nail Sparks in a deep teal-green.  Each was 105 yen, which is roughly $1.30. 

This is what I'm wearing right now: Deborah Lippmann IKWBL w/ the purple WinWax shimmer and the Homei iridescent w/ pink and purple star glitters as accent.  If you click to enlarge, you'll be able to see the duochrome in the shimmer.  

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  1. They all look so cute! I'm a glitter fiend myself, and for years I only knew of the drugstore glitters! When I discovered the nail world online I was in heaven, maybe you were expecting that :) do you find American brands are hard to find in Japan?

  2. I keep telling my husband I need to take him back to Japan. We met after my trip. Next time I go, I'll be hunting for polish too!!

  3. PinkQueen, some American brands are impossible-- Sally Hansen, Butter London, etc. OPI, China Glaze, Orly, and Revlon are all available here but the markup is very high. Revlon's bottles are half the size of the bottles they sell in the U.S. and go for twice the price!