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Tutorials from around the web: I compiled a list of helpful tutorials, tips, tricks from both MUA bloggers and Youtubers. Clicking on any of these shortcuts will take you away from NailBoarders. We are not sponsoring any of these lovely people, but are passing on their great advice. We are not directly affiliated with any of these websites. If you would like to add a great tutorial to this page, please message PinkQueen on MUA and we can take it into consideration. Thanks, PinkQueen

Learning the Basics:

Nail Care by Loodieloodieloodie (MUAer)

Improve Basic nail painting technique by Lacquerized.

Improve Basic nail painting with this YouTube video by LaFemme5728, Perfect Manicure every time.

25 Different Nail Polish Finishes by Lacquerized.

DIY Pedicure Video Part 1 of  2 by Ji of Rescue Beauty Nails

How to improve your photographing skills and build a light box with Chalkboard nails

Applying At Home Gel Nail Polish Like a pro

Faux Zoya Remove You Tube video by Loodieloodieloodie

Nail Art:
Creating a Multi color Konad/fauxnad stamping design by The Polished Mommy (MUAer)

The Queen of awesome water marbles, and tutorials. Simple Little Pleasures.

Nail Art Videos by Robin Moses (MUAer)



Nail Polish storage solution for the growing stash (medium to large stash) by MUA standards that is ;). Here is a solution posted by NailXchange. (MUAer)


Who's or what is Scrangie????? http://www.scrangie.com/
Why and how does Scrangie make me want even horrible polishes? Sorry, can't help you there. Some speculate there is some sorcery involved...proceed with caution and compare swatches. ;)
And last but not least, where do I, PinkQueen, swatch haunt? The PolishAholic's blog of course! (MUAer) I say haunt because I've been a non-follower follower for a long time, just started following recently! :D

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