Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Going Grey...Color Club Status Update and Nail Pattern Boldness Haul

I love to mix grey's in nail art with super brights or neon's. I don't get much of a chance to do nail art these days because of my hectic schedule with 2 under 2 and a preteen. But glitter from the Indie world has really opened me up to a new concept in nail art. Here is my most recent glitter acquisition aka. haul and NOTD over Color Club Status Update.
NPB Hades, Bitches Brew, and a custom mix Inner Pxexaxcxex

I have to compliment NPB on the new labels, I really love them. She actually put some thought into it. They do not obstruct the polish at all. I'm still playing with Hades to find underwear I love. The formula is self-leveling with a thick coat and the irridecent blue shimmer is so pretty. It will darken any polish you put it over. Bitches Brew is on my short list of future manis. On my nails today is Inner Pxexaxcxex, a custom glitter mix. I  was so excited to get this over Color Club Status Update. Not sure if that CC is a Birchbox exclusive, but it is $8 on their website. Referral link here if you are interested. I received this mini in my September subscription box. 
I love mini's, they are just cute. 
My Nail Board NOTD
Later gals, thanks for reading. Don't break a nail ;)