Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My MWF Untried Challenge with Zoya

Hi Nail Boarders! Excited about the fall colors? I can't seem to leave my neons! For now I am participating in the MWF Untried Challenge on the board. Here are my new Zoya friends  that I want to knockout with the challenge.

Zuza, Paz, Robyn, Lisa, Jules, Renee, Frida & Arizona

So far, I have used Zuza, Paz, Renee and Frida! Which should I do next? I'm thinking Jules. I am falling in love with Zoya and with a BOGO sale, how can you go wrong? 

Quick review
Zuza is a stainer. Be careful with removal, if this polish gets on your skin you will have blue fingers, especially if you have any dry skin *averts eyes*. The polish is not as sparkly as I expected, a rather flat look to it. Sorry Zuza, you must go.

Paz is beautiful and neon! It is a rich bright orange, not like the neon orange from the 80's, this one is more mature. Would look awesome with Konad black stamp designs for Halloween.

Renee is deceitful. She parades around like your average pink cream in the bottle. NOT so! She is a neon as well and looks awesome in the sun. Inside, not so much. This is definitely a color changer. The color will look completely different dependant of the lighting. Sometimes I thought she's a medium cream pink, a rasberry, hot pink, dark pink, red pink...finally I gave up! One of my most unique pinks...and I have a lot ;)
Frida quick review next time.
Ps. This is my first blog post ever! How did I do? I am using a Blogger App for the iPad so bear with me as I take on this challenge. If posts look funny it is because I'm trying to mesh the app world with the actual web Blogger. 

Have a nice day ladies, don't break a nail! PinkQueen


  1. Awesome! I'd never have guessed this was your first blog post! make me want more Zoyas. ;) I'd love to see swatches.

  2. Awe thanks, I need to make a light box. But truth is that I cheat and take pics with my phone because it is so much easier and faster to upload. My computer takes about 15 minutes to load my camera! Maybe my phone would do even better with a light box...I'll ponder that.

    1. Oops meant to reply under Blitherypoop.