Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Post

So...welcome, officially to the new Nail Boarders group blog!  pinkqueen and I will be your hostesses.

We're still working out details, but this is how posting should go:

  1. If you're not a member of the blog and would like to join, send a MUA message to me or pinkqueen, with "NB Blog" in the title and a valid email address. We'll send you an invite and you're in! 
  2. Once you're in/if you're already a member, log into blogger and click "Nail Boarders Unite!" and the little pencil icon at the top of the Overview page.  Make sure you're in Compose mode (unless you know HTML) and then post!
  3. Posts should be brief "teasers" for your recent blogging/video activities (nail-related only, please) OR spam/tutorial posts you'd like to feature on the NB blog itself.
  4. We'll be using cuts or "jump breaks" for all posts after this one.  If your post goes longer than about this paragraph or one large image with a few lines of text, please place a cut in it.  In the row of icons near the top of the Compose page, it's the one that looks like a torn piece of paper (it's under the "e" in Save for me).  This will keep any one post from dominating the front page of the blog.  Readers can click through to the rest of your post.  If you are posting a short teaser, this might not be needed.
  5. Please label your posts.  On the Compose page, click Labels and write your MUA screen name/your first name (or whatever you want us to call you).  For example, this post is tagged "blitherypoop/Amanda".  This way your posts can be easily found by readers.
I don't wanna throw out a ton of crazy rules, but there are a few...and there might be more eventually...
  • Images should be no bigger than "Large"
  • Please don't change font color or size unnecessarily
  • Please don't embed music that will play automatically
  • Please don't hotlink images or other content
  • Please only post your own content (occasional exceptions are ok, but this should be about YOU and MUA)
  • Mean, abusive, etc comments will be deleted - keep it friendly
  • Post as often as you want, but please remember that this is a group blog and respect the other members - you can mention multiple activities in one post
If you need help or have questions, please contact pinkqueen or me.  Looking forward to your posts! :)

...oh...and please spread the word (in PM) to the rest of the NB!  We want this to be MUA's worst kept secret. ;)


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