Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Drugstore Picks

Sometimes I overdo things. xpinkbearx asked for DS must-haves...and I sorta ran with it.  This isn't definitive, but here are my recommendations for what you can probably easily go get right now and love...if we have the same taste.

[some are clickable to take you to my swatches - more swatches coming soon]

e.l.f. has a Target exclusive collection with must-have vampy purple and duo fleck aqua/blue shades...nameless

Jesse's Girl Firefly

L'Oreal Brit Invasion (London LE)
L'Oreal Brownie Points (NY Nudes LE)

Maybelline Downtown Brown (Fashion Week LE)

NOPI For Gold Times Sake (Target ex)
NOPI If The Blue Fits (Target ex)
NOPI Just Busta Mauve (Target ex)
NOPI Purple Yourself Together (Target ex)
NOPI Smile For The Glam-Era (CVS ex)

NYC Flashlight (Color Rush Summer LE)

Revlon Fashionista

SHDS Glass Slipper

SHID Freeze! (Fall LE - *exact* OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It! dupe)
SHID In A Flurry (Fall LE)
SHID Purple Haste (Fall LE)

SHXW Flirt
SHXW Pacific Blue

SC Aquamarine
SC Dream On
SC Hot Flash Metallics LE collection....all of it, but especially Hot Hot Heat
SC Nail Junkie
SC Pearl Harbor
SC Polar Opposites (Sinfully Magnetic LE)
SC Ruby Ruby
SC Secret Admirer

Spoiled (CVS ex) Checkin' Into Rehab
Spoiled (CVS ex) Deeper Dive

WnW Blue Wants To Be A Millionare
WnW Disturbia (hidden shimmer, but nice color)
WnW Gray's Anatomy (meh on its own, but good layerer)
WnW Silvivor
WnW Teal Of Fortune

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