Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! A Minecraft Manicure

Wow, MUA is temporarily gone!  I admit, I responded to this crisis by buying nail polish - and then I started work on my Halloween nails!

For my Halloween manicure, I decided to recreate five famous monsters from the videogame Minecraft on my fingernails. If you're not familiar with the game, I've included pictures of the actual monsters for your enjoyment.  Here's my manicure!

And here's the monsters my nails represent.

I created this manicure by painting pieces of scotch tape, letting it dry, and then cutting out the different face shapes using small craft scissors.  I then placed these DIY nail stickers over the appropriate base colors.

Thanks for looking, everyone, and feel free to check out more pictures of this manicure on my blog.  Have a happy, spooky Halloween, everyone, and to those in the northeast United States, hang in there.  My monster-clad fingers are crossed for a return of the makeupalley servers.

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  1. Cute! Happy Halloween! And yes, I wanted to buy all the polish the past few days, lol :D