Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy and MUA

First, hope everyone's safe! Sandy is world news by now. Not sure if the extent of blackouts is making news yet. NYC is under an intentional blackout, in the hope of preventing damage and making it easier to bring the grid back up when the storm's over. Large parts of the Mid-Atlantic and New England have also lost power. More outages will probably happen before it passes. My guess is that MUA's servers are down because of the outages or blackout.

I'm fine, doing leak patrol at work. I can't comment on blog posts from my phone, so if you'd like to contact me, prettygirlscienceblog@gmail is probably the best way right now, or my personal accounts if you know them. They all come to my phone. I'll also be tweeting, unless Twitter follows MUA...

Good luck to anyone else dealing with the storm or earthquakes!

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  1. It's really horrible, all this news. I feel bad for all the fires and water damage. I live in a hurricane area and the last devastation caused mass flooding and blurred the line between Mexico and the U.S. Let's never take these storms for granted.