Friday, February 8, 2013

New Frankens and First Blog Giveaway! Updated pics!

Hi ladies! Just wanted to show you a couple new frankens that I've sent for bloggers to review/are up on the blog and to also let you know that a new blog post and giveaway went up today! Giveaway is for a full sized custom franken created by you! Follow and enter via Rafflecopter. Check it out at FrankenFemme and in the meantime, check out some Franken porn. Woo!

Blurple flakie with duochrome glass fleck

Blue jelly with iridescent hex glitter, gold glass fleck, and gold shimmer

Coral Jelly with matte brick red hexes, yellow hexes, and hot pink hexes

Well, hope you guys are not on complete overload and hope to see you soon!
Remember to always keep it classy and creative



  1. Your photos aren't showing up. Anyway you can reload them? I want to see!

    1. Gahhhhh bummer, I was worried that would happen. I will fix it first thing when I get home!

    2. I re-uploaded the pictures, let me know if there are any problems still :)